Planet Kill, Book 1

By Sebastian Wilde, Jamie Hawke


Warning: This audiobook contains gratuitous violence and sex, harems, reverse harems, massively oversized members, breasts galore, and ample blood. You might cringe, you will laugh, and hell, you might even cry. We refuse to apologize for any of it.

Form your harem. Kill or be killed. Level up and loot. Welcome to Planet Kill.

Pierce has his mission: survive by killing and getting nasty, doing whatever it takes to find his lost wife and others who were abducted and forced to participate in the barbarity that is Planet Kill. In a galaxy where the only way to rise up in society and make it to the paradise planets is through this insanity, he will be up against the most desperate, the most ruthless, and the sexiest fighters alive. Because it’s not just a planet — it’s the highest-rated show around.

Contestants level up for kills, get paid for accepting violent and sexual bids, and factions have been made in the form of harems. His plan starts to come together when he meets Letha, one of the most experienced warlords on the planet. She’s as lethal as they come and a thousand times as sexy.

He’s able to learn under her, to start to form his own harem. Only, being her ally means fighting her wars. It’s kill or be killed, level up fast, and put on the show the viewers want — all while proving to Letha and her generals that he has what it takes to be one of them. The alternative is death, leaving his wife to her fate of being hunted by monsters.

©2018 Jamie Hawke (P)2018 Soundbooth Theater

About The Authors

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Jamie Hawke is an author, videogame writer, and screenwriter. His videogame writing credits (under the pseudonym Justin Sloan) include work on such titles as, Game of Thrones, Tales from the Borderlands, and The Walking Dead. He spent five years in the U.S. Marine Corps and has written such books as Supers: Ex Heroes, Psychobitches, and Planet Kill.

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