Save Point, Book 1: Upload

By Matthew Siege


Adam Harris’ name has just appeared on a top secret list of extraterrestrial origin. Unbeknownst to him, he’s one of a handful of individuals capable of implementing a Save Point, a static moment in time he’s able to revisit over and over upon death.

It’s a good thing, too. Brain cancer was turning into a real drag…

The government owns the list though, and they’ve wasted no time snapping him up. According to them, he has 13 days in an alien realm to learn as much as he can before the inevitable, at which point his memories, skill progressions, and weapon proficiencies will endure despite his body resetting.

Then it’s rinse and repeat.

But there are unwritten rules to the game he’s about to play, and unseen forces acting in judgment.

Adam will have to learn the hard way that dying is the easiest thing he’s going to do today.

©2018 Matthew Siege (P)2019 Matthew Siege

About The Author

Matthew Siege is an American living in Australia. Having lived half of his life in each country has granted him a wide range of superpowers. For instance, he never knows if the date should come before the month when you write it out, or if he's supposed to spell “realize” with an “S” or a “Z.” Oh, and they call the letter “Z” “Zed” here, which is incredibly annoying. Life Down Under also means that most of the time he's upside down. Seriously.

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