Star Nova Online, Book 0: Closed Beta

By Noah Barnett


Charlie and the Misfits have been invited to join the closed beta of the new space-themed VRMMO, Star Nova Online.

Together with hundreds of other test pilots, they hope to defend Earth from destruction.

The Roth — a lizard-like warrior race — has nearly wiped humanity from the face of the universe and are on the way to finish the job.

The test pilots have just seven days to train and prepare themselves.

Soundbooth Theater reunites with Charlie, Remy, Monty and the Gun Meister gang in a brand new tutorial quest, preparing us all for Noah Barnett’s series, Star Nova Online!

Annie Ellicott brings another stellar performance, supported by Jeff Hays and Justin Thomas James as the male cast.

The Soundbooth Theater Crew for this production:

Annie Ellicott – Narration
Jeff Hays – Charlie, Tobias and Other Supporting Characters
Justin Thomas James – Monty, Spanky and the Rest of the Male Cast
Josh Kobak – Proofing
Ahmed Mahmoud – Editing, Mastering, Sound Design and Music
Dalton Lynne – Project Manager

©2019 Noah Barnett (P)2019 Noah Barnett

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