The Covenant of Six

By Kevin Andrew Murphy

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The protectors of the world are often the most unlikely heroes: Mehdi Golshani, academic turned arcanist, becomes the Magus then gathers together Blaze, pilot turned pyrokinetic; Impact, police enforcer from an extradimensional hellscape; Runewarden, blademaster and emissary of Atlantis; Velocity, speedster from Australia; and Gearhead, boy genius and gadgeteer. Together they form the Covenant of Six, protecting the earth from the machinations and shadow agents of Umbral, an undead sorcerer king dating back to the Isle of Mu, who ruled the world once and plans to do so again.

Kevin Andrew Murphy writes for many worlds and universes, notably George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards series for which Kevin’s “Find the Lady,” from Mississippi Roll, won the Darrell Award for Best Novella of 2019. Kevin also created the popular character Penny Dreadful and the novel of the same name for White Wolf’s classic MAGE game. Fiction in Kevin’s own universes can be found in various anthologies including Esther Friesner’s Supernatural Suburbia trilogy and Sean Patrick Hazlett’s Weird War III & IV anthologies. Kevin grew up in California but now resides in Reno, Nevada.

About The Author

Kevin Andrew Murphy writes science fiction, fantasy, and horror fiction and roleplaying games, as well as poetry, plays, and occasional nonfiction.

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