The Heroic Villain, Book 3

By Charles Dean


After a night of drunken debauchery following the defeat of the academy’s headmistress, Lucas awakens to trouble on all fronts. The steady balance of power within the Imperium has been shaken by his presence, and the resulting aftermath is a town full of heavily armed and well-staffed enemies who seek Lucas’ death. Lucas must not only survive their assault, but also manage his own slowly crumbling internal affairs when his party begins to fracture. Angered by Lucas’ increasingly selfish actions, some of his closest allies are tempted to turn against him.

Follow our protagonist while he tries to grow his influence within the empire, survive the daggers in his back from Imperium traitors, and restore the relationship he truly wants with the woman he has slowly fallen in love with in this epic LitRPG adventure from Charles Dean.

©2020 Charles Dean (P)2020 Charles Dean

About The Author

Charles Dean has an English Degree and an MBA. He's worked in multiple service and sales-level jobs. He spent most of his childhood playing every story-based RPG and reading every fantasy book he could get his hands on.

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