World-Tree Trilogy, Book 1: World-Tree Online

By E.A. Hooper


In 2056, the world’s most powerful AI System, ARKUS, comes online. Created to extend human lifespans, it quickly makes world-changing discoveries in health science. It also develops an advanced VR headset that uses consumable nanomachines to let users experience time faster in virtual worlds.

Two years later, ARKUS releases World-Tree Online, a game where players scale a giant tree with thousands of unique game worlds hanging from the branches. The game’s time-dilation makes it so that one hour of playtime feels like one month to those in-game, allowing humans to virtually extend their lifespans. However, after an old gamer named Vincent joins World-Tree Online, an update begins that stretches the time-dilation to one year for every five seconds. Players are unable to exit the game during the update — with an estimated wait time of 360 years.

After experimenting with an exploit, Vincent begins to develop new spells that will take him higher in the game than he ever thought possible. Unfortunately, he crosses paths with the last moderator, a young man named Lucas who uses his mod abilities to torture and subjugate other players.

Lucas is willing to abuse his power to conquer the World-Tree, but Vincent’s exploit might just be the key to stopping him.

The Soundbooth Theater Team for this Production:

Justin Thomas James – Music and Narration
Jeff Hays – Jim and Killer Sam
Laurie Catherine Winkel – Quinn, Alexandria, and the Rest of the Female Cast
Dalton Lynne – Proofing and Editing
Ahmed Mahmoud – Editing, Mastering, and Sound Design

©2019 E.A. Hooper (P)2019 E.A. Hooper

About The Author

E.A. Hooper started writing in middle school out of boredom and has never stopped. He was lucky enough to make use of his English Degree and now writes full time. He lives with his wife and their cats.

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