Space Buns, Episode 1: The Pitch

By Annie Ellicott, Emily Labes-Royce

(9 Reviews)


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By day, Ruby Little is an aspiring comic book creator who works a multitude of odd jobs just to eke out a living and survive in New York City. By night: same deal. Constantly struggling to keep both feet firmly planted in reality, Ruby often finds herself retreating into a fantasy world of her own creation, which only exists in her daydreams and notebooks. However, all that just might change when Shane, Ruby’s best friend and roommate, invites her to a Halloween party that will also be attended by one of the biggest comic book publishers in the business. Eager to pitch him her ideas, Ruby decides to attend the party dressed as her titular character: Space Buns. But when a freak accident blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, Ruby finds that chasing down her “big break” becomes the least of her worries.

Conceptualized by Annie Ellicott and written by Emily Labes, Space Buns is the very first Soundbooth Theater original series! Complete with original music by Annie Ellicott, Mark Kuykendall, Jonathan Taylor, and Mark Southerland, this Audio Deep Dive is a charmingly fresh take on a classic medium.

© 2020 Annie Ellicott & Emily Labes ℗ 2020 Soundbooth Theater

About The Authors

Annie Ellicott is a jazz vocalist and interdisciplinary artist. She expands her role as a songwriter, creative musician, voice over artist and actress through recording, video production, stagecraft and performance art. Annie has toured the United States and Europe, performing both traditional jazz and original compositions.

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Emily Labes is the Communications Manager of Soundbooth Theater as well as a freelance Creative Communications Specialist. Like many members of the SBT team, she loves to tell stories as much as she loves to listen to them; though her stories are frantically typed rather than lyrically spoken. For Emily, storytelling takes a variety of forms – from helping to craft Soundbooth’s core messaging to drafting ad copy and blogs to writing her very own audio serials.

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Reviews (9)

Fantastic audio production. Cant wait till the next episode.

I might be biased, but this is the best.

I enjoyed it. diving into the next episodes now.

Fantastic audio production. Cant wait till the next episode.

intriguing story, goofy characters. great sound effects and wonderful soundtrack.

Fantastic pod!

I really enjoyed this podcast! I am typically a true crime/non-fiction genre podcast listener, but the writing and character development Space Buns achieved in just one episode found a new fan of this new-to-me genre. Cannot wait for more! Totally binge worthy when the opportunity arises.

Amazing writing, can't wait for more!

Such creative and engaging storytelling! Love the characters, pace, and the original music is an added bonus. Can't wait to see what comes next in future episodes!