Lars M.


Say, “hi,” to Past Lars, Present Lars, and Future Lars: Past Lars spent most of his time on PC games, preferably RPGs or MMOs. He also imbibed far too much alcohol for his own good, traveled a lot, and read between two and five books a week. His favorite authors were many, but Patrick Rothfuss, Brent Weeks, Peter V. Brett, Steven Eriksson, and Daniel Abraham, in particular, were rarely far from his side.

Present Lars is constantly criticizing the lack of hours in a day. His fulltime job and three small kids keep taking turns entertaining him, tiring him out, and making sure he doesn’t lack for something to do. The evening between 7:30 and 10:00 is when he truly comes alive, creating his own private fantasy world where mysteries abound, and music permeates everything. He is continually amazed by the fact that he can watch a Rage Against the Machine cover video or a Lindsey Stirling video, attribute it as research for an upcoming book, and not be lying. He has released two books in the World of Chains series and has no intentions of stopping.

Future Lars is scraping by, but he somehow actually made the transition to fulltime writer. The kids are growing up, and he can dedicate most of his time to writing – and he is loving it!

Oh, and the M. stands for Machmüller, which nobody ever manages to pronounce or spell right on the first try.

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