World of Chains Compendium, Box Set 1: Books 1-3

By Lars M.


Run. Hide. Live the good life online.

Early retirement looked so easy on paper. Steal eight million euros from a gangster. Hide inside an online game and enjoy the finer things in life as a bard until the danger had passed. Except Daniel messed up.

Now, the gangsters are in the game looking for him and he’s stuck with an imbalanced character build in a dead-end starter village.

Can Daniel find his own place and a life worth living inside the World of Chains?

Pick up books one to three in this fantasy LitRPG series with a focus on mystery, social mechanics, and music.

©2022 Lars Machmuller (P)2022 Soundbooth Theater (Production) and Lars Machmuller (Audio)

About The Author

Say, “hi,” to Past Lars, Present Lars, and Future Lars: Past Lars spent most of his time on PC games, preferably RPGs or MMOs. He also imbibed far too much alcohol for his own good, traveled a lot, and read between two and five books a week. His favorite authors were many, but Patrick Rothfuss, Brent Weeks, Peter V. Brett, Steven Eriksson, and Daniel Abraham, in particular, were rarely far from his side.

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