World of Chains, Book 5: The Delving Bard

By Lars M.


Death! Downfall! Despair! Darkness!

So much darkness. At least it made hiding easier. Daniel and his group of close friends barely made it away from the mob and their underhanded allies among the Cabal. Now, they were hunted prey, forced to ditch their beloved floating castle in order to find a place to hide.

But where could you possibly hide when the Dawnlight Forest would soon be teeming with people looking for you? That’s right. Underground. Quite literally.

The beleaguered group of adventurers would soon find out about the underworld of Neyrus. What could you possibly find down there? Monsters? Treasure? Salvation?

© 2022 Lars Machmuller ℗ 2022 Soundbooth Theater

About The Author

Say, “hi,” to Past Lars, Present Lars, and Future Lars: Past Lars spent most of his time on PC games, preferably RPGs or MMOs. He also imbibed far too much alcohol for his own good, traveled a lot, and read between two and five books a week. His favorite authors were many, but Patrick Rothfuss, Brent Weeks, Peter V. Brett, Steven Eriksson, and Daniel Abraham, in particular, were rarely far from his side.

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