Adventures in Aletia, Book 2: Father-Daughter Dungeon Raid

By Ben Wolf

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Stuck in a fantasy world…

…can they find their way home?

In the wake of their unicorn-wrangling adventure, Violet and her dad are accidentally transported to the fantasy land of Aletia, where Calista and Kallie come from.

But they’re not just visiting—they’re trapped and can’t get home, unless they make a bargain with a dark lord.

That bargain leads to a dangerous dungeon raid to find a lost artifact. It’s risky, but it might be the only way to get them back home.

Can Violet and Dad make good choices to survive the dungeon?

Or will the dangers inside its deep shadows prove too powerful to overcome?

Father-Daughter Dungeon Raid is the second book in the Adventures in Aletia series, written by award-winning children’s book author Ben Wolf. This early-reader series features short chapters, exciting escapades, and loads of fantasy adventures. It’s perfect for new and experienced readers alike.

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About The Author

BEN WOLF is an award-winning author of fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and children’s books. When not writing, he plays video games and chokes his friends in Brazilian jiu jitsu. You can follow him on Instagram/TikTok at @1benwolf, on Facebook in The Ben Wolfpack, or check out his author website,

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