World-Tree Trilogy, Book 2: Demon Lords

By E.A. Hooper


It’s been years since anyone has seen Noble Vincent, the player that brought down World-Tree Online’s tyrannical moderator. Even with a lifetime of perceived experiences in the game, he still has centuries to go before the update finally ends and the people trapped in the game are freed. After taking a long vacation and traveling to many worlds, he realizes it’s time to get his team back together so they can try to reach the top of the World-Tree.

However, Vincent’s goal will eventually lead him to Styxis, a world consumed by a never-ending war. His path will bring him at odds with Noah, a former member of the Great Vanguard. Noah’s team climbed higher than any other before the angels crushed them, but like Vincent, he’s a man that obsessively chases his goals, no matter the challenge.

Noah’s choices will lead him and many others down a path that will push the strongest players of the game to their limits. When Vincent gets caught in Styxis’s never-ending war, he too will have to decide how far he’s willing to go just to win.

©2019 Elias Alan Hooper (P)2020 Elias Alan Hooper

About The Author

E.A. Hooper started writing in middle school out of boredom and has never stopped. He was lucky enough to make use of his English Degree and now writes full time. He lives with his wife and their cats.

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