Dino Adventures, Book 1: T-Rex Tussle

By Ben Wolf

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One wrong step…

…and you could be a T-Rex’s dinner!

When Liam realizes his inventor dad has created a time machine—a REAL time machine—he just can’t help his curiosity. But because of one little mistake, Liam and his dad soon find themselves jumping back into the cretaceous.

With the time machine’s special battery gone missing, now they’re stranded in the past with no way home.

Through a series of exciting encounters with unique (and sometimes scary) dinosaurs, Liam and Dad search for the time machine’s missing power supply so they can get back to modern day.

Will Liam find the courage to reclaim the battery without making the cretaceous’s top carnivore angry?

Or will he and Dad have to run their legs silly in order to escape the jaws of a terrible T-Rex?

T-Rex Tussle is the first book in the Dino Adventures series, written by award-winning children’s book author Ben Wolf. This early-reader series features short chapters, exciting escapades, and loads of dinorific adventures. It’s perfect for new and experienced readers alike.

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BEN WOLF is an award-winning author of fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and children’s books. When not writing, he plays video games and chokes his friends in Brazilian jiu jitsu. You can follow him on Instagram/TikTok at @1benwolf, on Facebook in The Ben Wolfpack, or check out his author website, www.benwolf.com.

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My 6 year old was so into it!

My daughter helps me out in my office sometimes, so I decided to try an audiobook to see if she would like it. This was a big hit! She said her favorite parts were the time travel and she liked that it was “a tiny bit scary”. I’ve tried a few other books with my kids, but this one had just the right pacing to keep her rapt. I especially liked how the author didn’t dumb down the vocabulary - a pet peeve of mine in kids’ books. We’re looking forward to listening to Book 2 on our next office work day! 👍🏼