Dino Adventures, Book 3: Stegosaurus Swamp

By Ben Wolf

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A nest under attack…

…can they save the dino eggs before it’s too late?

Disaster has flung Liam and Dad even farther back in time to the Jurassic period. Now they’re stuck there—literally—with their time machine half-drowned in a prehistoric swamp.

Worse yet, their loud and obnoxious entrance has drawn the attention of the area’s predators.

Caught in the middle, a mama stegosaurus just wants to protect her eggs, but the other dinosaurs are closing in… and they’re hungry.

Can Liam and Dad team up with the stegosaurus to help protect the nest from ravenous raptors and pterodactyls?

And can they find a way to get their time machine free of the muck so they can finally get home?

Stegosaurus Swamp is the third book in the Dino Adventures series, written by award-winning children’s book author Ben Wolf. This early-reader series features short chapters, exciting escapades, and loads of dinorific adventures. It’s perfect for new and experienced readers alike.

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BEN WOLF is an award-winning author of fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and children’s books. When not writing, he plays video games and chokes his friends in Brazilian jiu jitsu. You can follow him on Instagram/TikTok at @1benwolf, on Facebook in The Ben Wolfpack, or check out his author website, www.benwolf.com.

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