Dinosaur Dungeon, Book 3: Greed

By Alex Raizman


Tira’s enemies close in as her mind fractures.

With the Summoning Gate under threadbare control and the Stranger defeated, Tira’s sights turn now to the war with Amedia. Their raiding party is en route with the sole intention of crushing what they think is the last surviving Kholvenic Dungeon—her.

But Tira isn’t alone. She’s got more allies than ever, and she’s ready for war. Almost.

One last obstacle stands in her way: the loss of Kolme and Dux has left her fractured and reeling. The only way to heal is to locate a Wraith and restore her memories—and face the startling revelations they contain.

To top it off, adventurers are still challenging themselves against her dungeon, her connections to her symbiotic cores are strained, Xenovore might be friend or foe, and worst of all, an alien being shows up on her doorstep with a dire warning and portents of things to come.

The good news? A dinosaur’s jaws can solve any problem.

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