Dinosaur Dungeon, Book 2: Pride

By Alex Raizman


Tira’s dinosaurs now have foes that can match their might.

The Amedian’s betrayal has rocked the world, and the revelation of their ultimate weapon nearly spelled Tira’s doom. As the last surviving dungeon in the kingdom, Tira now finds herself overrun by adventurers and soldiers looking to increase their strength for the coming war.

She barely has time to deal with that, however. The dead dungeons have left entities that will break containment at any moment, Tira has to contend with a newborn core that is trying to hold in Refinael, and Tira is the only being with bigger concerns than Amedian dragons.

And still, in her depths, the now-active Summoning Gate stirs, and the horror it unleashed runs through the Lowerlands.

Some problems are too large even for dinosaurs.

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