Dragon Guard, Book 1: Trial by Fire

By Jada Fisher

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In a world full of darkness, the light of the sun is the only thing that can keep the Dark at bay. And dragons are the only thing that can protect the light.

The first book in an epic dragon rider series from international bestselling author Jada Fisher.

Tennegan Felter (Ten) is a humble servant in Epoch Sol, a beacon of light in a world full of darkness. Her deepest desire is to serve the city she loves and defend it from the creatures of the Dark that live all around. The only way to do that is to join the Dragon Guard. There’s one big problem, though. She is a mere servant and faces near insurmountable odds just to get in. And then she has to pass all the tests. Can Ten prove her doubters wrong, overcome all the obstacles, and fulfill her dream of becoming a dragon rider?

Trial by Fire is the first book in the epic Dragon Guard fantasy adventure. If you enjoy magical worlds and unforgettable characters, you don’t want to miss this epic adventure from bestselling author Jada Fisher.

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