End of the World, Book 2

By Aaron Oster


The Mystery has made a second appearance, heralding a message of desolation…

With less than six months on the clock until the planet’s destruction, Nate and his friends scramble to find a way to get everyone to move on to the second planet in the System of Twelve.

Laybor is a dangerous world, one that cannot be safely traversed by anyone below the 30th rank, and things only get worse from there.

News of Portal Reavers – people who prey upon anyone traveling through portals – begins to spread, and Nate and his allies must find the responsible parties and end them if their own plans are to succeed.

At the same time, yet another Dark Guild from Nate’s past rears its ugly head. With so much on the line and so many things to juggle, Nate will have to fight harder than ever to ensure the survival of his family and the human race as a whole.

© 2023 Aaron Oster ℗ 2023 Soundbooth Theater

About The Author

Aaron Oster has been a fan of all things fantasy ever since picking up Redwall by Brian Jacques at the age of seven. After that, he began reading (and listening to) every fantasy novel he could get his hands on – spending hours making his mom wait in the car, while he perused the all-too-small collection of books at his local library.

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