Irrelevant Jack, Book 3

By Prax Venter


What lies beyond Blackmoor Cove and its connected Tower?

When two displaced Heroes from the recently fallen Town of Emberstone seek refuge from the advancing corruption, some people begin to believe that Jack’s brazen defiance of traditional ways has terrible consequences.

New Buildings, new Townsfolk, and new Heroes bring new opportunities for everyone, and as Jack continues pushing them forward, the virtual entities around him begin to explore the limits of Subroutine Sana.

This “Crunchy” GameLIT/LitRPG story contains: Item-based character growth, empire building, unique monsters, bizarre boss fights, and the abuse of game mechanics.

©2019 Prax Venter (P)2020 Prax Venter

About The Author

Prax Venter's tales focus on fantasy combined with science fiction, in order to explore worlds where humans and machines interface on a more intimate level. Having only phased into existence at the beginning of 2018, Prax has yet to experience much of this new dimension, and his likes, dislikes, dreams, and favorite color of ice cream have yet to be officially determined. He does enjoy hearing from fans, however, and as an independent author, interaction with the community fuels his insatiable lust for storytelling.

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