Irrelevant Jack, Book 5

By Prax Venter


The NPCs in one small corner of the map now seek their own path instead of remaining content with what they were born knowing. While some choose to look inward and explore themselves, others reach outward into new lands and untapped resources.

However, many more mysterious corners remain where a cosmic infection that abhors such displays of self-consciousness still twists and writhes throughout Mother Sana.

When the Blackmoor royal entourage sails across the sea to visit a powerful distant Town, Jack focuses his gaze on finding out why these virtual souls fixated on their verdant gardens for thousands of years instead of the rotting world around them.

©2021 Prax Venter ℗ 2021 Prax Venter

About The Author

Prax Venter's tales focus on fantasy combined with science fiction, in order to explore worlds where humans and machines interface on a more intimate level. Having only phased into existence at the beginning of 2018, Prax has yet to experience much of this new dimension, and his likes, dislikes, dreams, and favorite color of ice cream have yet to be officially determined. He does enjoy hearing from fans, however, and as an independent author, interaction with the community fuels his insatiable lust for storytelling.

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