Kringle Down

By Shane Lacy Hensley

(26 Reviews)


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1990 – Red Onion Mountain, Southwest Virginia. A bright flash of light slashes through the night sky. Something crashes on the mountain near the infamous “pot mine,” where two tired ATF Agents and their cleaning ladies have just finished scrubbing up a gruesome crime scene. What they find on that snowy Christmas Eve is more murder, mayhem, and mystery than you can shake a bloody candy cane at.

Warning: Adult Content, Violence, and Language.

© 2020 Shane Hensley ℗ 2020 Soundbooth Theater

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  • Release Date: 12/18/2020
  • Imprint: Soundbooth Theater
  • Genres: Horror

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Reviews (26)

A bloody fun time!

This audio drama was a wild, bloody, and fun ride!

a gory spook

I was not expecting such violence and spook, has officially made me scared of elves.

A bloody fun time!

This audio drama was a wild, bloody, and fun ride!

love it. buying the second one now!

Great way to get into the holiday spirit!

Very cute.

Great characters & dark humor

Well that was a wild ride!

High Stakes Action on Christmas

A fantastic production with excellent effects and narration! In this dark tale, a showdown between narcos and the law turns sideways when something even more ruthless stalks them through the snow. This story is bloody, full of profanity, and absolutely riveting. Highly, highly recommend. Don't wait until Christmas next year. It's a gripping tale any time of year!