Savage Stories of Necessary Evil: Fallen

By Shane Lacy Hensley

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There’s a mole in Red Jack’s Omega cell. Is it Acrobat, the fallen hero whose mentor died at Red Jack’s hands? The ghostly Horseman? The incomprehensible Golem? The goth necromancer Nepththys? Only one thing is certain: when the truth is revealed, someone will fall. Hard.


When superheroes of the world are all but destroyed during a hostile alien invasion, it is up to criminals, thieves and murderers to try to save the day. Can the scum of the earth rise to the occasion to save it? Find out in this truly wicked anthology of stories, which includes:

“Faces of Destruction” by Clint Black
“Maps to the Stars” by Chris Lites
“Purgatory” by Ed Stark
“Tablets of Destiny” by Kevin Andrew Murphy
“The Third War” by Steven S. Long
“Fallen” by Shane Lacy Hensley
“Malcontents” by Jon Leitheusser
“Thicker than Water” by Clint Black

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  • Release Date: 04/08/2021
  • Imprint: Pinnacle x SBT
  • Genres: Superheroes

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Reviews (6)

Great writing, great voice acting

Shane's a great writer, and the narration is excellent. Would recommend!

Great writing, great voice acting

Shane's a great writer, and the narration is excellent. Would recommend!

Great performance

It's deceptively hard to create likable villains, but when he's as charming as Jack it's hard not to like him. The narration here was pitch perfect. Jack's accent brought the character to life in a fun way and the narrator struck just the right balance with the conclusion. Great job!

Great read!

Action-packed comic book fare. The main villain was really well read and the additional voices layered sparingly made the action really easy to follow. I really enjoyed the story and recommend it.

Yes, I'm the author, but this is for the performance

Our friends at SBT continue to impress. Gary, Lauren, and Jeff give the story a life of its own beyond my words. It's a true thrill to hear the enthusiasm and thought they put into every line. And that finale... just fantastic.

Very Necessary Evil

A great listen. Fun mix of action & humor. It's a story that revels in inhabiting and subverting mastermind villain tropes with a vibrant cast of characters and sharp dialogue. It's smart, funny, fast-paced. Red Jack is an entertaining combination of grandiosity, snark, and pitiless evil :). The narration and production values really bring the characters to life.