Mimic & Me, Book 1

By Cassius Lange, Ryan Tang


I’ve become a monster…sort of.

Betrayed and left for dead by a group of slaving nobles, I thought there was nothing left for me but bleeding out as I counted the number of bricks on the ceiling. But fate had different plans.

A gelatinous, gluttonous mimic found me right when I was about to die. But instead of eating me, he started demolishing the food in my pack – sandwiches, cookies, and everything else! Encouraged by my (admittedly forced) generosity, he fused with me, enhancing my body and turning me into a half-man half-mimic monstrosity.

Once a poor, down-on-my-luck scout, I now have new capabilities far beyond anything anyone on Basania has seen before.

The only problem? My new bodymate’s insatiable hunger for cake and human flesh.

© 2023 Cassius Lange, Ryan Tang ℗ 2023 Soundbooth Theater

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