Mimic & Me, Book 2

By Cassius Lange, Ryan Tang


I’ve escaped from a nest of backbiting nobles…only to fall into a whole city of them!

The Baron Sherazad sent me as far away from Eslant as possible. Now I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere, in a nest full of enemies, with only a demented mimic and a renegade elf to watch my back.

Arrdeam’s rulers are determined to keep their civilians weak and under control, but that won’t work for me. Me, Melina, and Chester need to grow strong…strong enough to defeat all our enemies and to one day make our way back home to get our revenge. Strong enough to survive the mysterious corruption that’s sweeping through the world.

And if anybody tries to stop us? Well, Chester’s always looking for his next meal.

© 2023 Cassius Lange, Ryan Tang ℗ 2024 Soundbooth Theater

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