No Man’s Land

By Kevin Andrew Murphy

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Conrad Von Helmand has been dispatched to the Black Forest. His great aunt has managed to get him stationed away from the front lines, in an idyllic village where it is said some have seen fairies. The aunt wants proof of these beings before she dies and promises great rewards if her young nephew can produce photographs. But it is not always wise to peer beyond the mortal veil.


Dark things rise in the fear and terror of warfare throughout the ages. Wendigo Tales, Volume Zero: Weird Wars brings you five chilling stories of horror and adventure by some of today’s top authors, set in Pinnacle’s Savage Worlds and edited by Shane Lacy Hensley. This anthology, created by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, includes:

“With Utmost Dispatch” by Aaron Rosenberg
“Without Fear” by Shane Lacy Hensley
“No Man’s Land” by Kevin Andrew Murphy
“Hellfighter” by Ed Wetterman
“Teufelshunde” by John R. Hopler
“Los!” by Timothy Brian Brown
“Wunderwaffe” by Timothy Brian Brown

NOTE: This collection contains stories previously released separately. It also features the first tale of the Gladiator, Magnus the Bos, which is continued in Volume 1!

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Kevin Andrew Murphy writes science fiction, fantasy, and horror fiction and roleplaying games, as well as poetry, plays, and occasional nonfiction.

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Great production!

Delighted to hear this production of my work, especially the care taken to get all the accents right.