Without Fear

By Shane Lacy Hensley

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Gladiator, Magnus Bos, remembers little before the fight with the strange gray beast of Aegyptus. Some say that battle left him addled, simple… even dumb. But it also left the Thracian without fear. Perhaps this is why the slave is purchased by a strange cabal and taken to a cursed village on a distant isle – and the strangest arena of his life.


Dark things rise in the fear and terror of warfare throughout the ages. Wendigo Tales, Volume Zero: Weird Wars brings you five chilling stories of horror and adventure by some of today’s top authors, set in Pinnacle’s Savage Worlds and edited by Shane Lacy Hensley. This anthology, created by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, includes:

“With Utmost Dispatch” by Aaron Rosenberg
“Without Fear” by Shane Lacy Hensley
“No Man’s Land” by Kevin Andrew Murphy
“Hellfighter” by Ed Wetterman
“Teufelhunde” by John R. Hopler
“Los!” by Timothy Brian Brown
“Wunderwaffe” by Timothy Brian Brown

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Reviews (3)

I want to know more about the Egyptian Monster that hurt Ox.

I didn’t play Weird War Rome, however this story feels like a good introduction into the universe. It’s short and packed with action.

Great story