Tear it Up, Book 1: Psychobitches

By Jamie Hawke


NOTE: Listen on, friend, if you’re a fan of explosions galore, superpowers and leveling up, monster girls and tiny fairies who are all freaks in the sheets, and crazy ladies who could just as easily slit your throat as bring you to the point of more bliss than you’ve ever thought possible, take it, it’s yours!

I am the law! Well, kinda. More like a bounty hunter, but I still put a foot up the @$$ of injustice and bring criminals down.

Only, this time things didn’t go as planned. This time, as I was delivering my criminals to be placed in the Abaddon Asylum, everything fell apart when an uprising tore down the system and led to my ship exploding before I could get out of there.

Now it’s up to me and some sexy lady allies (and then some!) I’ve teamed up with along the way to put things right. But we’re not just going to stop the uprising. Our mission goes much deeper than that, into the planet itself where all manner of horrors await.

Oh, and we call ourselves the Psychobitches. And yeah, I f@cking own it like a crown.

©2018 Jamie Hawke (P)2019 Jamie Hawke, Soundbooth Burlesque

About The Author

Jamie Hawke is an author, videogame writer, and screenwriter. His videogame writing credits (under the pseudonym Justin Sloan) include work on such titles as, Game of Thrones, Tales from the Borderlands, and The Walking Dead. He spent five years in the U.S. Marine Corps and has written such books as Supers: Ex Heroes, Psychobitches, and Planet Kill.

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