Reborn Assassin, Book 1: Battledeck Academy

By Harmon Cooper

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Life at Magic Academy is upended when a legendary assassin is reborn in his body.

On the cusp of entering the prestigious Lumina Deck-Building Magic Academy, the young mage Alistair harbors a dark secret: within him dwells Ghost. A reborn master assassin hellbent on revenge.

Bound together by fate and magic, Alistair and Ghost embark on a dual journey of vengeance and discovery.

As Alistair navigates the arcane halls of the academy, mastering battledeck spells and summoning skills, Ghost seeks to unravel the mysteries of his untimely demise.

Their worlds collide and intertwine, revealing a threat far greater than either could have imagined…

Reborn Assassin is the next action-packed, deck-building LitRPG Series from Harmon Cooper. It’s like My Hero Academia and Breaking Bad got together to write a progression fantasy after watching Kill Bill.

About the Series: This Isekai magic academy adventure features a three-tiered LitRPG card system that revolves around summons, wand-based spells, and abilities. Perfect for fans of All the Skills and A Summoner Awakens!

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About The Author

Raised by panthers in the pit of hell, Harmon Cooper escaped and found himself somewhere in central Texas. Realizing that he'd never look good in a cowboy hat, he moved to Asia, where he spent five years uncovering mysteries and honing his writing skills. Upon returning to America, Harmon relocated to New England, which is neither "new" nor "England," where he currently lives with his magical Mongolian wife. Harmon is the author of The Feedback Loop, Fantasy Online, Cherry Blossom Girls, Monster Hunt NYC, We Could Be Heroes, and the Last Warrior of Unigaea, all of which are works that have been touched by the warm fuzzy voices of SBT.

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