The Accidental Minecraft Family, MegaBlock Edition: Books 1-4

By Pixel Ate


Jack, Kate, their parents, and pet cat Bruce Lee — the Scar-Faced Ninja Attack Kitty From Japan (Who Smells Like Poop) — went to bed one night like normal. But when they woke up, everything was NOT normal. They had been pulled into the kid’s favorite video game: Minecraft! Join them in their hilarious adventures! The MegaBlock Edition includes the first four books in The Accidental Minecraft Family series in one handy dandy collection!

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About The Author

We are a mom and dad to five kids, who wrote these Minecraft books as a way to engage kids who have a hard time finding books they enjoy reading. Our son hated reading. He was good at it and did not struggle, but it was a chore. He didn’t get any pleasure from the books, no feelings from the stories. Nothing we could find resonated with him. He would read for his twenty minutes a day then slam the book shut to do something- anything- else. Until he found Minecraft chapter books. He couldn’t read them fast enough. He would burn through a book in a couple hours and beg for the next. He’d snuggle up in his bed and read all day. We’d have to force him to turn off his light at night and actually get some sleep. It was all he’d talk about around the dinner table. He constantly retold the story, relayed the jokes he couldn’t stop laughing about. He would finish one series and start another. Then another. And another.And from those books, his love of reading was born. We sat down with our Minecraft loving kids, and with their help started writing books that would resonate with them. We hope our books can do the same for other kids who are struggling to find something they love to read.

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  • Release Date: 06/15/2023
  • Imprint: Soundbooth Clubhouse
  • Genres: Children, GameLit

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