Archemi Online Chronicles, Book 4: Warsinger

By James Osiris Baldwin


An ancient kingdom falls to tyranny. A dark empire rises in its place, while the old gods stir…

After kicking an unholy amount of undead ass, Hector and his dragon have a new goal: to revive the war-torn province of Myzsno, preferably before their nemesis arrives with his army and a legion of Drachan — demonic dragons that would make even H. P. Lovecraft scream in terror.

If Hector is to triumph against enemies like these, he needs more than an army. He needs the Warsingers, godlike constructs built to fight and kill the Drachan. But first, he must break his girlfriend out of prison: a woman who could be the key to the Warsingers’ 5,000-year old mystery.

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About The Author

Dragon Award-nominated author James Osiris Baldwin writes epic dark fantasy, LitRPG, and science fiction. He is the author of the bestselling Archemi Online Chronicles (Dragon Seed, Trial by Fire, Kingdom Come) and the critically acclaimed occult horror series, The Hound of Eden.

James has historically devoured books by Ed Greenwood, Frank Herbert, Mercedes Lackey, Robert T. Bakker, Alan Moore, Eiji Yoshikawa, Margaret Weiss, Anne McCaffery, and Neil Gaiman. Like a literary locust, he chewed through every Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance novel he could get his hands on, as well as most of the science fiction shelf and a lot of nonfiction animal books.

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