Wizard’s Tower, Book 3

By Gregory Allanther


The Pestilence has come, and kingdoms fall. Nemon Fargus has done what he could to prepare for this, but the End of an Age is not something that can be fought — only endured. The wizard can only hope that what he’s done will be enough.

There are always more magical secrets to unlock, and he won’t stop until he learns them all. Does that make him grumpy? Of course it does!

The wizarding adventures of Nemon Fargus continue in Book 3 of the LitRPG epic, Wizard’s Tower by Gregory Allanther, the bestselling author of An Old Man’s Journey.

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  • Release Date: 11/21/2023
  • Imprint: Soundbooth Theater
  • Genres: Fantasy, LitRPG

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