Chrysalis, Book 2: Upping the Ante

By RinoZ


The stakes are rising, and so is Anthony!

Our antrepid adventurer must lead his new family to the surface to escape the relentless wave of monsters below. After all, the surface only has much weaker monsters and humans to deal with.

What could possibly go wrong?

Join the Colony as they are reforged and begin to manifest their destiny as the greatest civilization above and below the ground. Oh, and it’s time for Anthony to introduce the newest member to his team, the cutest murderball of infinite terror Pangera has ever seen!

Book 2 of the hit monster-evolution LitRPG series with nearly 30 million views on Royal Road. Grab your copy today!

About this series: Jump into a rebirth story that mixes LitRPG and GameLit Elements with Monster evolution. Levels, Stats, Skills, Magic, Power Progresion, Kingdom Building, Party Building, Army Building, evolution, a monster MC, gigantic enemies (compared to Ant at least), and plenty of humor fitting such a ludicrous premise.

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