Chrysalis, Book 4: Between a Rock and a Carapace

By RinoZ


It’s time to descend.

With Garralosh defeated and the Colony secured, Anthony has triumphed over the wave. What now for our intrepid adventurer? In the Dungeon, there’s only one place to go: down.

Join Anthony as he ventures into the second stratum, the Shadow Sea, and finds far more than he bargained for. Bizarre monsters abound, frightening poisons and civilizations that have fought and lived in the depths for thousands of years.

For the Colony!

About this Series: Jump into a rebirth story that mixes LitRPG and GameLit elements with monster-evolution. Levels, Stats, Skills, Magic, Power Progression, Kingdom Building, Party Building, Army Building, evolution, a monster MC, gigantic enemies (compared to an Ant, at least), and plenty of humor fitting such an ludicrous premise.

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