Guardians of the First Realm, Book 2: Alaskan Fury

By Sara King

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For lovers of unforgettable shapeshifter fantasies, intense Alaskan adventures, and hilarious paranormal romances, Alaskan Fury is an award-winning stand-alone novel that leaves readers breathless to the very last page… Long ago, Kaashifah the Fury, Chosen warrior of the Lord of War, fought a djinni to a stalemate in an ancient duel of souls. Three thousand years later, she and ‘Aqrab, the passionate djinni prince of the Fourth Lands, are still bound together, each waiting for the other to make that final, killing blow. To complicate matters, they are being hunted across the vast Alaskan wilderness by a team of holy soldiers who are specially trained—and highly successful—at capturing the numerous magical beings of the Five Realms. In order to save their friends from the Inquisition, some compromises must be made…and some boons given. But in unraveling the magics that bind them, will these two ancient immortals learn to trust each other, or will their own thawing hearts be their undoing?

ALASKAN FURY is a whirlwind tale of two immortals woven together by a three-thousand-year-old curse who are forced to flee across the Alaskan wilderness in search of dragons to save their friends. It is a story of love and adventure, of djinni wish-makings and brutal sword fights, of Inquisitional wits and mythological heroes, of depth of spirit battling bigotry and violence. Fast-paced and full of action, it will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

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Thoroughly Thoroughly ENJOYED!

The entire cast did amazing, as to be expected. Kudos to you all I expected to have really cringe moments due to romance but it was executed to my perfect percentage. It was not overwhelming to me, just the right amount to not make this about some erotica. The story is great and immersive, pulls you in wanting to see how it all unfolds. I enjoyed the journey of the characters. Some rules are meant to be broken. But more so, words over time are lost in translation. Leaving you to decide the next step and make some drastic changes. Being able to laugh and enjoy the banter is what I live for. I haven't read a lot of books and limit myself but reading this is very refreshing. A new story and not some revamped or reused story (to my knowledge). Can't wait to see the story continue in the far distant or just to see your next artistic work. You are an author I'm glad to have met.

Fantastic Journey

A continuation of the Guardians of the Realm series, this book was a complete surprise. The characters and how they develop was so endearing and you just fall in love with them. So rich and intense is the story line, it entices and enchants you to follow. I'm sincerely awaiting the next book!

Warning! This book is addictive. I'm craving more!

I read book one, Alaskan Fire. I listened to book two, Alaskan Fury. I became obsessed with listening to the story. Every spare minute, I had it playing. Loved the characters. The narrators were excellent. They truly made each character come to life. I just finished this story and I feel like I just walked out of a movie theater. Sara King's writing is so very colorful and talented. Her sense of humor had me laughing out loud. Thank you Sara and thank you narrators for providing such a fun and enjoyable experience. Looking forward to many more!


Every book by Sara is my favorite. Sound booth hit this way out of the ball parts. I hope you both continue what you’re doing!!!!!!

Fun Read

Sara King has written a very fun, character driven story that's mostly a romance at its heart. The back and forth between the two main characters had me chuckling every few minutes. Going into this book I didn't think it would be as good as the first book but it surpassed it. There's a lot of humor in this book in between the action but this story really shines in the dialogue. The emotional beats are pretty strong and even the bad guys will make you commiserate with them. I loved everyone's personality in this story. We see a little more of Thunderbird and his scenes are fantastic. I laughed when he screamed at the tv during a football game. In most stories the dragons are the oldest thing around and it was really amusing when the dragon in this one is almost self conscious about being the youngest thing in the room. Even the protagonists had interesting back stories and motivations. The narration is fantastic. My only gripe here is that the voice of Aqrab is very obviously spliced with different recordings. The other voices didn't seem to have this issue but with Aqrab and the main narrator voice you can tell when there's a shift in the sound and a recording from a different session was inserted. Other than that the voices were very well done and easy o listen to even at 1.25 speed. I wish the sbt app could do 1.4 speed as 1.5 was a little too fast.

Impressive AF

I never liked audio books until I listened to Sara King's "Chronicles of a Vampire Queen: The Samurai." I've listened to it twice more since then and each time was just as good as the first. But that's a common thing for me and Sara's books: I've read all of them many, many times and never tire of them. And now, along comes "Guardians of the First Realm: Alaskan Fury." I really loved this book in its written form. It's funny and sweet and gets funnier by the page. I loved it just as much in its audio form and even laughed out loud frequently. It made my Miniature Schnauzer, Teal'c Puppy, wonder about my sanity. He gave me some pretty confused looks, cocking his back and forth a lot. Voice characterizations is what always ruined audio books for me. Not so in everything I've listened to produced by Sound Booth Theater. Thunder Bird's whining, complaining and tantrums are so perfectly rendered that I laughed every time he said something. And again when Aqram the Djinn was forced to inform Kaashifah that her seven days were reset. For Real! In closing, I must say that after the way Zanaida profaned the word each time she said it, I will never again call my female siblings "Sister."

Got me hook, line & sinker!

Normally I detest audio books. They irritate me immensely because the pace is either too slow or to fast, or the voices (if there are any) are too far off what I heard in my head when I read the book. My reaction to an audio book had always been, "Just give me the dang book, I'll read it myself!" I bought this audio version solely to support the author & tried it out on a whim. Now I can't stop listening.... Bravo to the voice actors & narrator, you've landed another fan!

Luxurious and Hilarious!

These performances were just beyond amazing, turning the story up to 11! I've read this lovely book several times before listening to the audiobook, and wow it's so enriched, I felt so much more. The emotion and tension between characters was vivid. The hilarious bits were, OMG, spit my coffee on accident at least twice before I learned! As a person who primarily reads vs listens, this production is an epic example of why folks REALLY need to give it a try! (This isn't your nana's audiobook.) This is a damn blockbuster movie in your ears! Sit back and let the story and voices take you on a journey!