The Stars Have Eyes, Episode Three, “Food and Music”

By Neven Iliev

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Joe shows Maggie more wonders of the human world, including old video games played with actual controllers. In VR, he’s also able to show her the wonders of nature, hiking, and Spazz metal concerts. But none of this compares to the experience of consuming REAL FOOD, digesting it in a real human body, and the discovery of her favorite flavor, “Starberry.”

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About The Author

When I was little, I used to have dreams of making video games for a living. I didn't have a console, but the games I played on my PC blew my mind as a kid.

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Additional Credits

  • Proofed By: Richard Smith
  • Editing & Mastered By: Ahmed Mahmoud
  • Sound Design: Ahmed Mahmoud & Harlan Guthrie
  • Theme Music: Aaron J. Morton
  • Additional Music: Ahmed Mahmoud

Reviews (39)

loving this, great listen, keep them coming

it’s awesomeness in audio format

Joe beating Maggie in a video game was great.

damn good


a brilliant series

Just want more

So different. So fun


Digging it so far can’t wait to see where it goes from here

Love it

This too was a fun listen.

Using the virtual concert and real world dinner scenes to describe the “utopian” life Joe enjoys really has my imagination fired up. Love Neven Iliev.