Tales From the Battered Mind, Episode 1: Face Cards, Discerning Tastes, and Candle

By Sara King

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This is our first collaboration with bestselling fantasy author, Sara King

“The Candle”

A last-minute gift becomes a lifetimes-long nightmare.

“Discerning Tastes”

What expecting mother wouldn’t want magic, whatever the cost?

“Face Cards”

A trio of friends vacationing in the deep woods discover why people have been disappearing in that area for centuries…

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Reviews (20)

First review for this series

🤓 Wooow… as a student of English literature this is a fabulous exhibition of dictionary and thesaurus familiarity trawled to the inth degree. Great stories to help you reassess games of chance, coffee’s most moorish motivational moments and the inherent inanity incendiary devices offer. Love love loved Book 1 of Tales from the Battered Mind, thank you Sara King for your words, Jeff Hays your eloquence, and all who encouraged, very much appreciated. 🤗


Yet another peek into the disturbing minds of Sara King and here creepy voice actor friends. I love it!

Awesome stories with a twist

You think you know where the story is going, but then there’s a twist. Great short stories. Jeff Hayes does a great job with the voices. Even the female voices… makes you wonder about Jeff. :-)

Amazing! this collection was so much fun! I really hope we get more like this!

Scratches the Anthology Itch!

I'm just getting started with SBT, and the first entry in this series was my first exposure to this author, but so far this really hits the mark. I love getting absorbed into longer-form audiobooks and productions, but sometimes these shorter, equally-well-produced anthology series with stories that are just a little bit smaller in scope and self-contained can be incredibly satisfying!

Good and chilling

Jeff did a great job narrating these short stories! I completely forgot it was a guy when a woman was speaking. Sara as always knows how to write whether it be sci-fi or horror. I had read Disconcerning Taste years ago, but having it done audio was amazing and maybe a bit more creepy. Great job!!