Tales from the Battered Mind; Episode One, “Face Cards, Discerning Tastes, and Candle”

By Sara King

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This is our first collaboration with bestselling fantasy author, Sara King. Synopsis coming soon!

©2021 Sara King (P)2021 Soundbooth Theater

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  • Release Date: 10/31/2021
  • Genres: Horror

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Reviews (5)

Amazing! this collection was so much fun! I really hope we get more like this!

More please!

Oh look! There are more episodes…
Too busy listening to write. Byeee!!!

Awesome Twisted tales from the battered mind of Sara King never cease pulling you in, leaving you uneasy, disturbed, and craving more! Light a Candle, grind yourself some Coffee, break out your Tarot cards, and enjoy these unsettling glimpses into her convoluted worlds…. fantastic!

Sara King offers up some of her best creepy tales. I absolutely love the morbid twists her mind takes in these short stories. A+++

Wanna get creeped out?

Sara King really knows how to send those chills straight to your spine. Paired with Hays’ crisp, pro narration, this is a series of short terrors you absolutely will not regret listening to. Unless you’re prone to nightmares.