The Stars Have Eyes, Episode Six, “Victory and Equity”

By Neven Iliev

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Maggie and Joe visit the “zoo” that Ryan’s uncle works at. But after that, there’s no time to waste. Joe and the lads need help with the Underwater Yoga Blaster tournament. When the pressure is on, Maggie shows her worth as a star pilot, but is it enough to win?

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When I was little, I used to have dreams of making video games for a living. I didn't have a console, but the games I played on my PC blew my mind as a kid.

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Reviews (37)

If I am not mistaken at one point the background music was a altered cover of Pink Floyd Run Like Hell which sounded awesome!

I loved it!

Please please write more in this series!

Great series! The story was hilarious and heartwarming. The entire cast brought it to life and I couldn’t help but binge the whole series in a few days. I plan on posting this review on all the episodes so that hopefully more people stumble across your work. I look forward to listening to your future work.

Best one yet!!

The way their relationship develops is so adorable

I WIN!!!