Monster Hunt NYC: Book 2

By Harmon Cooper

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Warning: Monster Hunt NYC contains a light harem with monster girls, augmented reality, fantasy violence, a ton of action, and GameLit/LitRPG concepts. It was inspired by the Persona Games, Pokemon Go!, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

The illegal Monster Hunt app has definitely done a number on Chase Knowles’ life, transforming him from a down-on-his-luck musician to the Alpha of two incredible Huntresses. Along with his bandmate, Iris, the group has taken New York City by storm, hunting and brawling in the city’s landmarks and hard-to-reach spaces.

But there is more to the Monster Hunt app than catch or sell.

An exclusive world known as EverLife presents new challenges, new adventure, and a mystery that none have been able to solve.

It also presents new foes.

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About The Author

Raised by panthers in the pit of hell, Harmon Cooper escaped and found himself somewhere in central Texas. Realizing that he'd never look good in a cowboy hat, he moved to Asia, where he spent five years uncovering mysteries and honing his writing skills. Upon returning to America, Harmon relocated to New England, which is neither "new" nor "England," where he currently lives with his magical Mongolian wife. Harmon is the author of The Feedback Loop, Fantasy Online, Cherry Blossom Girls, Monster Hunt NYC, We Could Be Heroes, and the Last Warrior of Unigaea, all of which are works that have been touched by the warm fuzzy voices of SBT.

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Reviews (10)

Been a long time coming. Glad its finely here.

So worth the wait !!!!

Please for the love of all that is unholy tell me that we will not have to wait years for the next ones thanks

Another great book by Harmon with fantastic narration by both Jeff and Annie. The music and sound design just takes it to another level!

Gatcha gonna getchyer interest

This near-future tale in which VR and AR have reached great capability and widespread usage lays out the story of a musician drawn into an underground gatcha-styled AR/VR game. Through fumbling experience and harem-building fun accompanied by the musical and sound talents of Jeff and Annie, the audio experience is one easy to enjoy. Good for a casual listen and great humor.

Love it! Can’t wait for the next Deep Dive!


Fantastic Job

Jeff is top notch as always, found the female voices grating, especially lady C. I am still firmly in the no music/excessive sound effects camp for audiobooks and feel these aspects took away from instead of contributing to the story.

Definitely worth it!

I laughed. I cried. I shit my pants.

And that’s just when I heard this book was available!

I really like the series I hope they continue what in the future

I really dug vol 1 and I really got into this one too! I am very excited to get vol 3 when it comes out