On the Hit List (Remastered)

By Timothy Dalton

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  • Narrated By: Jeff Hays
  • Length: 4 hours and 38 minutes


WARNING: Contains strong language.

My name is Ellis DeAngelo. I tend to get caught in the midst of trouble quite often. I’m an unlucky guy, but fortunate to have friends to help me out. These aren’t the memoirs of a geisha you’ll be reading. And most definitely not some soul-searching discovery that depicts eating, praying, and loving. This is so much better … or worse, depending on your perspective.

To sum up: I think I’m going to die. Not of old age, mind you, or in a tragic accident. My boss is trying to kill me. It all starts when I’m …

You don’t really think I’m going into all the details now, do you? I mean, come on – look at the size of the space I’m provided here. I couldn’t possibly cover everything in such a small area. That’s what the book is for. Start listening!

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About The Author

Timothy Dalton lives in Santa Clarita, California with his wife, two children, and dog. He doesn’t have 16 degrees and didn’t graduate from a fancy college in England. However, writing has been a staple in his life for many years. He continues to write in his limited free time.

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Jeff Hays the Masterful captures the essence of these characters beautifully. Fun from beginning to end and full of laughs.