Quoth the Donut

By Edgar Allan Poe

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(P)2021 Soundbooth Theater

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Goddmit Poe-nut!

Best, most hilarious reading of The Raven I’ve heard. As a fan of both Poe and Matt Dinniman, I thank you for the oddly satisfying combination of classic macabre with post-apocalyptic Lit-RPG styles. The writing, voice acting and sound production were examplar as always. Can’t wait for the next opportunity to support the ASPCA this way.


Happy Halloween!

oh, that was nice. a balm to my grubby little soul that I’ve not even known I wanted. thank you Carl and donut.

Carl and Donut

Great take on a classic. Jeff Hays delivers a outstanding performance.

wonderful rendition of my favorite poem :)

TRiviting.. just riveting.. Incould listen to yoir vocal talents for hours…oh wait, I already have :).. ps.. your app could use an ability to delete misspelled words.. timy damn keys 🙂

Absolutely Awesome

Seriously, what an amazing treat this was. I was stoked enough on the “Wondercrawl” encore, but this was such a fantastic addition. I had my 11yo niece listen to both, and she was enchanted as well. She (as well as most people I’ve turned on to DCC), was completely gobsmacked that both voices are Jeff. Anyone who wants to see brilliance in action should really join the Soundbooth Discord server and tune in to Jeff’s live DCC reads when he does them. Not only is he fascinating to listen to, he’s completely entertaining to watch (especially those eyebrows). Many thanks to Jeff and the Soundbooth crew!

The poem by Poe about despair and hopelessness dovetails into Carl and Donut’s story elegantly. “You will not break me!” Rings on my head as I read those reviews about Poe being “new”

A fun listen for our 2 favorite crawlers

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this but it was done very well.

Based on astronomical reviews I discovered the DCC series and SBT on Audible. The performance is second to none! Needing more, I finally gave in to the webernets promo at the end of book 5. My reward? This wonderful little treasure by some unknown author riding on the curtails of Dinniman’s addictive series. Thanks for giving this Poe fellow his nine minutes of fame.

Came here after listening to Book 5 of Dungeon Crawler Carl on Audible. Found this gem. Moving on to Kaiju.

Love it!!! Great job donut!!!