By Ben Wolf

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A killer cyborg on the loose. A daughter’s life on the line. And one man’s secret will decide all of their fates…

Designed for urban combat…

…but is it ready for the real world?

Or is it already too late?

The S1-R3N prototype is the ideal cybernetic soldier. But when it malfunctions during its public debut, it kills its handlers and the buyers in attendance for its unveiling.

Now Dr. Grant Andrews, the scientist responsible for creating the S1-R3N, is the only one who can stop it.

But the S1-R3N is determined to get to Grant first, by any means necessary—including going after Grant’s teenage daughter, Alexis.

Will Grant be able to protect his daughter from the cyborg’s murderous intentions? Or will the S1-R3N send him to meet his maker?

You’ll love S1-R3N because it’s a thrilling sci-fi short story with a touch of horror, told primarily through a series of text message conversations. If you like Terminator, Robocop, and other cyborg stories, you’ll love S1-R3N.

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I wrote this, so I’m biased, but…

…I really enjoyed this story. The voice actors nailed their roles, their inflections, and the voices. The FX were handled well without going overboard. The final chapter was especially perfect, with the mixture of rain, sirens (ha, ha), and the horrifying modulations of the S1-R3N’s voice. Great work, guys and gals!