Divine Koan, Book 1: Send me an Angel – Cinematic Audio

By Cebelius

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Grant a wish…

One of the few chosen to remain awake, Michael Hobbes lives a boring life aboard the ark ship Odysseus, dreaming of his time in the virtual fantasy world, Argos, as he waits for his five-year tour to end. Yet his return to stasis is fraught with peril as a rogue AI – last legacy of the war that ended life on Earth – slaughters the crew.

Once inside the game he learns his troubles have only begun. Unable to destroy the ship, the hostile intelligence has invaded Argos.

Partnered with the most powerful human player, the rogue has introduced a new mechanic: true death. With no way to leave stasis and regain his administrative controls, Michael Hobbes must quest, conquer, and gain allies to take on a seemingly unstoppable guild.

Hobbes is no leader and ill-suited to become one, yet the fate of the human race rests on his shoulders, and his only hope of victory is to follow a unique and seemingly impossible quest chain: The Divine Koan.

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