Tales of a Northblood, Book 2: Winter’s Quest

By Carrie Summers


His first task was to survive. Now, Jace must save the only people he’s ever cared for.

Back in his old life, Jace was a loner. He didn’t need friends or community, and judging by his romantic failures, he didn’t need a girlfriend either. Or more accurately, any girlfriends he managed to attract quickly found they didn’t need him. But now, everything has changed.

Yanked from that old life and shoved into a harsh world governed by game rules, Jace has built the first true home he’s ever known. Ironstead, a settlement on an outcrop overlooking a savage coast, is a refuge in a dangerous land. The villagers call him their leader. Mackenzie, the woman of his dreams, calls him whatever she pleases, because there’s no arguing with her spunky smile or quick temper. And Jace is pleased to look around the nightly campfires, and realize he can call these people “friends.”

But like a dark tide seeping up through beach cobbles, evil magic is slowly flooding the region. Barricaded in the region’s stronghold, a fortress called Graymist Hold, a crazed and power-hungry woman summons the darkness. The region is doomed unless Jace and his friends can figure out a way to stop her.

Join the newest adventure.

©2021 Carrie Summers (P)2021 Soundbooth Theater

About The Author

Carrie Summers is a game programmer by day and a writer every other minute she can squeeze out of the universe. She dreams of living forever, takes a break occasionally to go rock climbing, and hopes someone will eventually invent a cure for sleep. The neighbors near her home in Western Colorado are probably really weirded out by her habit of dictating chapters while walking around the block.

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