Tales of a Northblood, Book 3: Winter’s War

By Carrie Summers


Ancient magics, ancient curse.

Jace’s old life is gone. Earth is a memory, replaced by a game world where survival itself is a challenge. But even if given a choice, Jace would never go back. He is a Northblood now, descendant of a proud barbarian lineage that once reigned over the chill realm he now calls home.

Despite the challenges beaten so far, nothing can prepare him for the looming contest. Long buried beneath sheets of ice in the far north, a barrow has been opened. The evil that struck down the Northblood during the height of their power rises again.

What chance do Jace and his friends have against the darkness that brought down a nation? Listen to find out.

©2021 Carrie Summers (P)2021 Soundbooth Theater

About The Author

Carrie Summers is a game programmer by day and a writer every other minute she can squeeze out of the universe. She dreams of living forever, takes a break occasionally to go rock climbing, and hopes someone will eventually invent a cure for sleep. The neighbors near her home in Western Colorado are probably really weirded out by her habit of dictating chapters while walking around the block.

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