Epithet Erased: Prison of Plastic

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In this world, a lucky few are born with special powers based on a single word. That word is called an “epithet.” Each epithet is linked to the user’s soul, and no two people have the same one. By tapping into their word, epithet users — the inscribed — can do amazing things that ordinary people — mundies — could only dream of!

After a long week of dealing with criminals, wizards, and panic attacks, 12-year-old Molly Blyndeff returns home to the toy store her family owns and operates for some much-needed rest. Unfortunately, her superpowered older sister, Lorelai, has other plans in mind. After a nasty argument, Molly and her friends end up trapped in a world created by Lorelai’s epithet, “Augment.” Now they must travel through her wonderland in order to confront Molly’s bratty older sister… and the only weapon they have at their disposal is Molly’s considerably less intimidating epithet, “Dumb.” The road is fraught with danger, with everything from ogres to spelling tests standing in their way… but the thing both sisters are most afraid of is the idea that they might never be close again.

Prison of Plastic is the official continuation of the beloved web-animated series Epithet Erased, which can be streamed in its entirety on YouTube and VRV. This sequel is the story of two sisters in a broken home struggling with their magical powers, themselves, and each other.

Cast (in order of appearance):

Dani Chambers – Molly
Bryn Apprill – Phoenica
Elsie Lovelock – The Wolf
Siv Ryan – Trixie
Kyle Igneczi – Giovanni
Caleb Yen – Crusher & Flamethrower
Meg McClain – Spike
Cyrus Rodas – Dark Star & The Hexicon
Wyatt Baker – Car Crash
Brendan Blaber – Naven, Ben, & the Narrator
Keith Silverstein – Graham
Tiana Camacho – Lorelai
Scott Frerichs – Valet
Sarah Wiedenheft – The Chauffeur
Ray Chase – Rick
Zack Maher – Sylvie
Jay Preston – Martin
Jay Barrett – Xerxes
Marissa Lenti – Stink & the Ogre
Paul Guyet – The Spelling Bee
Kent Williams – The Scaregrow
Cassie Ewulu – The Ghost Crow

SFX design by Kennedy Phillips
Mix by Brendan Blaber
Recorded at Sound Cadence Studios
Lead Engineer – Wyatt Baker
Assistant Engineers – Patrick Morphey, Sawyer Pfledderer, Lindsay Roberts, Natalie Van Sistine

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Epithet Erased is conceptualized, created, and produced by JelloApocalypse. Soundbooth Theater was in no way involved in the writing, recording, or mastering of this series; in this very unique case, we are but humble distributors.

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Additional Credits

  • Written by: Brendan Blaber

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