Faces of Destruction

By Clint Black

(6 Reviews)


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When superheroes of the world are all but destroyed during a hostile alien invasion, it is up to criminals, thieves and murderers to try to save the day. Can the scum of the earth rise to the occasion to save it? Find out in this truly wicked anthology of stories, which includes:

“Faces of Destruction” by Clint Black
“Maps to the Stars” by Chris Lites
“Purgatory” by Ed Stark
“Tablets of Destiny” by Kevin Andrew Murphy
“The Third War” by Steven S. Long
“Fallen” by Shane Lacy Hensley
“Malcontents” by Jon Leitheusser
“Thicker than Water” by Clint Black

About The Author

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Additional Credits

  • Proofed By: William Letson
  • Editing & Mastered By: Mike Smith

Reviews (6)

It's a good intro

Brings you in to the game's universe.

Didn’t grip me

I’m super adhd and I can only listen to audio books while I do tasks/ lol and I can only do tasks while listening to audiobooks. This one couldn’t immerse me, therefore I couldn’t immerse my dishes. My wife’s gonna be pissed

Hooray for Destruction!

Love the NE universe and Dr. Destruction!

Interesting and well performed entry into the Necessary Evil series. I’ve purchased the next story, Map To The Stars, and will be checking it out next.

Enjoyable, but brief

This was a very enjoyable little outtake from the life of a Super Villain. The audio quality was clean, and clear and the voices where distinct. I would enjoy seeing more from both the narrator and from the writer.

Love that sinister Dr. Destruction voice!

I've been hearing "Dr. Destruction" in my head for over a decade now and I gotta say, you nailed it!