Tablets of Destiny

By Kevin Andrew Murphy

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A gentleman, a scholar, a thief, and an immortal — The Magister has worked in the shadows so long he has almost forgotten who he is. But no longer. This time the v’sori have gone too far, and they will learn who they have crossed. And the power that resides in the Tablets of Destiny…


When superheroes of the world are all but destroyed during a hostile alien invasion, it is up to criminals, thieves and murderers to try to save the day. Can the scum of the earth rise to the occasion to save it? Find out in this truly wicked anthology of stories, which includes:

The Many Faces of Destruction by Clint Black
Maps to the Stars by Chris Lites
Purgatory by Ed Stark
The Tablets of Destiny by Kevin Andrew Murphy
The Third War by Steven S. Long
Malcontents by Jon Leitheusser
Fallen by Shane Lacy Hensley
Thicker than Water by Clint Black

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  • Proofed By: William Letson
  • Edited & Mastered By: Mike Smith

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Fantastic voice work really brought this story to life! Looking forward to hearing more.