Malevolent: Part Seventeen, “The Fall”

By Harlan Guthrie

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A terrible fall, a hunter’s prey, a merciful way…

The Seventeenth part of this journey finds Arthur at the bottom of a fathomless depth with an unknown creature. Through instinct and luck Arthur must fight his way out of the labyrinth that is the darkened abyss. The fall will not only test his strength but also his mind for the dark is known to play tricks…

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About The Author

Harlan Guthrie (he/him) is a creative, nerdy, medium sized dynamo. He is a writer, voice actor, editor, and creator of a number of different shows and streams. He has a Dungeons & Dragons Actual Play Podcast called Dice Shame that has been featured on Wizards of the Coast Podcasts of the Frostmaiden event and you can find him pulling the strings in the Audio Drama “Malevolent” or streaming Wednesday nights on The INVICTUS Stream.

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Another great installment. Always on the edge of my seat!