Omega Metahumans, Book 2: Omega Zero

By Kurtis Eckstein


Jacob Knight has just discovered that a tenth of the world was hit with nuclear bombs, and the military needs his help to track down the metahuman terrorists. The problem is, he wants to keep Liz safe as well, something that won’t be possible if she comes along. But leaving her behind isn’t a simple task, because if they claim she died, then most of their team would have died too.

Is Jake strong enough to leave behind some of the team? Some of his friends?

Will his new comrades be enough to help him take down the enemy?

And will he be able to make it back in time to resolve the crisis unfolding without his knowledge?

© 2019 Kurtis Eckstein ℗ 2023 Kurtis Eckstein

About The Author

Kurtis is the author of the popular Omega Squad, Soulbound to a Dragon, and The Daily Struggles of an Immortal, among several other well-read series. An avid fan of coffee, books, and anime, he took up writing books in 2018, and made a name for himself within his first six months of writing.

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