Planetside / Parting Gift; The Legend of ZERO Short Stories

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Ueshi don’t live long enough to train to be pilots—Congress doesn’t find it cost effective with their short lifespans. Arius, who knows Ueshi are faster and have better reflexes than the rest of Congressional species, is determined to change that. He joined the Congressional Space Force and collected stellar marks all through basic training—only to be flatly told to pick something else as his specialty. What is a young, cockpit-obsessed Ueshi prodigy to do? This is the story of how the first Ueshi pilot got his wings, setting the gold standard for all Space Corps flyboys who came after!


Parting Gift

The Huouyt weren’t the only sentient species that evolved on the Huouyt homeworld. While the Huouyt evolved in the oceans, the single massive continent was home to the Vanun, a species that spent untold millennia in constant struggle with their shape-shifting natural enemies. This is the story of the final days of the war between the Vanun and the Huouyt and how it was brought to an end forever.

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And again a wonderful masterpiece from sound booth theater these guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!

Terrible. The audio book won\’t play. I cant listen to it so I give 1 star.

Legend of Zero Short Stories

More stories from the ‘Legend of Zero’ Universe is never a bad thing. Excellent narration!